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Few years ago there were abduction issues, Japanese woman held hostage in Iraq.
This story wrote her circumstance in home town and what neighbors and friends did her after hostage.

In Japan we learn "Don't make waves" from earlier ages. Japanese tend to be equal to others, which means nobody like different act from others.
This heroine went to prohibited country and engaged to nursing. When held hostage in Iraq, we, Japanese, hoped to come back Japan and Japanese government did their best. Finally she returned home. We were pleased to see her back.
However we discussed in mass-media why she went to this kind of dangerous country in spite of governmental prohibition. If she were not in Iraq, there were no abduction issue. This discussion is close related to our mentality, "Don't make waves".
Many people thought she was stranger and she made wave. So some people attacked her and her family.

I'm also Japanese and I understand this kind of image to her.

But we should know why she did these actions. And treat her based on understanding of her opinion.

At the movie she said.
In Japan I was loser and nobody needed me.
However in Iraq I was useful person and could support lots of people. Many children hugged her.
This is a key to know her.

In Japanese Brog Basshingu
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) 2006 Bashing

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very interesting

This sounds like a very interesting issue, when someone decides to go against the tide, especially when society rules are very strong, as they are in Japan. I can see both sides, this problem would not have happened if she had not broken the rules and gone to Iraq, but she could not do anything truly helpful without going, and that was important to her.

Re: very interesting

Oh, that comment was from Mary Beth, by the way - maybe I will sign up out here just to have an ID.

Thank you, Mary, to come to my journal.

I think her problem is not only in Japan but also countryside in any countries. It might be conservative.

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