west-san ni English

This is my histry of seeing films, reading books and wandering.

public toilet
Here is a public toilet in street.
One lady clean up here.
public toiretpublic toiret-2

I went to watch movie. But this is not Myanmar movie, Thai movie.
The name of movie is "407 Dark Flight 3D", horror movie!!


My friends present
This is present for me from staff in Myanmar.
I stayed in Yangon from endo of April to early June. I worked with many staff of Yangon.
I just came back to here.

I came back toMyanmar.
I started my business in Yangon of Myanmar.

This is view of my hotel. This room is good to see Shwe Dagon Pagoda.

I'm in Myanmar
I came to here for business trip.
This 28days stays are preparation for my living in Yangon life. I will live in Yangon this early summer for my business.

Here is best place for living, good foods, good hotel, good people and good business.
I love here, I become a "Birukichi",i.e.  "Burma Kichigai".(in English, passionate lover about Burma).

I'm enjoying this stays.

(Photos are only Japanese site)

Flower season has come!
Today I enjoyed blossom viewing in Nara prefecture.
There are many kind of blossoms. We, Japanese, love cherry blossom.

I also like field mustard, I love their yellow color!!

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Today, Apr.8th, is a birthday of Buddha
Today I went to some temples. I met birthday celebrations of  Buddha.
During the festival, sweet tea is poured over a statue of the baby Buddha.
I also poured over him. After pouring I got a cup of sweet tea. That was very, very sweet.

I start to Learn Myanmar Langauge.
I will go to Myanmar in this spring. I study Myanmar language.

Here is my Myanmar name, "Ye Lwin", which my teacher gave me.

Origami in India
I had a presentation in India.
Today I'm a coordinator for energy management seminar though I'm a engineer.
I would like to show them Japanese culture instead of my technical knowledge.

After seminar I had a lesson of Origami.

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My Kakizome in2012
This year's my Kakizome is "Aruku".


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